We usually do quite a bit of driving around when we come on vacation down here on Keuka Lake. The area is quite beautiful. I guess you have to have quite a bit of money to own property right on the lake. So it makes sense that the properties are going to be more upscale than Rochester city homes. Some are and some aren’t I guess.

We like to go around looking at some of the older homes in the area. That is always neat. Today we came across a couple of old Greek Revival style homes that have been around the area for more than a hundred years.

One common feature you see on lakefront properties is retaining walls. You see them all over the place. One of the neighbors said there guy by the name of Jon from Rochester who does retaining walls. Huge lakefront retaining walls are pretty cool looking. It really makes a steep slope look impressive rather than just having it covered with shrubs and loose rocks.

I don’t know all the different architectural styles of homes around here to be able to talk intelligently about them. I know a few types, but most of the homes around here don’t fit those types I don’t think. So, I really can’t say what they are.

It is pretty cool driving around checking them out though. There are old farms scattered about. Some are owned by Amish folks and some are not Amish. The local Amish have a curbside farmers market every week in downtown Penn Yan.

You see a few Amish horse buggies here and there. It is a lot more common to see single Amish men riding around on their bicycles. That is pretty interesting the first time you see it. You stop and wonder what the heck this guy is doing dressed like that riding around on a bicycle. Then it dawns on you that he is Amish. I guess the guys without beards who ride around on bicycles like that are single men. But, don’t quote me on that. I am not 100% sure.

These small towns across New York State have a lot of history. It is neat to find a town and discover that its entire existence was because at one time there had been some factory that was a popular manufacture of some kind of textile. My how times have changed.

I can just imagine what this area must have been like when it was originally settled. The lakes must have been absolutely pristine and even more impressive than they are today. You can still experience that kind of desolation if you vacation in the Adirondacks. There are lots of small lakes like that still out there.