The water temperature of Keuka Lake doesn’t vary a whole lot from day to day. It stays pretty consistent with subtle changes as the seasons mature.

This week the air temperature has been in the 70’s for highs during the day and getting down into the 50’s at night. The lake stays right around 73-75 degrees depending on how far off shore you go.
Some people like it warmer than that to swim, but not me. I am a 70 degree swimmer.

Time for a swim……

That was refreshing. There is nothing like a nice late morning lake swim to melt away any stress in your life and press your reset button. Twenty minutes is all it takes. Get out there and float around just treading water. That will do the trick.

When you get out and feel the warm sun on your skin there is nothing quite as wonderful. It makes you feel at one with Mother Nature. During the summers around here we love her. During the winter months we swear at her.

Today is going to be one of those days. I can already tell. It is going to be one of those days where you get absolutely nothing accomplished. And it feels good too. During the regular hectic lives we lead you want to end your day feeling like you got a lot done. But, when you are at the lake it is different. You don’t care how much you got done. And sometimes, the less you get done the better.

female wood duckSpent a half our today trying to identify the different species of ducks that came swimming up begging for bread crumbs. There were fifteen of them. Five wood ducks versus about ten mallards. There was one hen mallard with her brood of babies. It was amazing to watch her continuously chase away all those other wood ducks singlehandedly. She is one tough cookie.

It was an awesome display of nature’s cruel rule of survival of the fittest.

I was very happy to see the wood ducks. Usually all you see most places you go around here are lots of mallards. Don’t get me wrong, the Mallard is a very beautiful duck. I like variety though. I like to see different kinds of animals and different species. Those wood ducks were just beautiful.

We fed them left over Amish Oatmeal rolls broken off into tiny bite size pieces for the little guys. All went well until a couple sky rat seagulls showed up. Of course the seagulls, being a larger bird, went and chased away all the ducks. If those seagulls weren’t protected I would take great pleasure in shooting them out of the sky.

Looking forward to my afternoon nap today. Gosh life is tough.