mallard ducksIt’s a bit of a gloomy day to be starting my blog, but what the heck….

Temperature is 69 degrees.   It is overcast with a slight sprinkle in the air.

Yet, the lake is as beautiful and peaceful as ever.

That is what I really love about this place.   No matter what the weather is like in the summer months, June, July, August or September, it is always beautiful here.

We started the day with breakfast at Angel’s in downtown Penn Yan.  Then we headed back to the lake house for scones and coffee on the back porch that borders the water’s edge.

Our lake house, we don’t own it, we rent it, is on the east fork of the lake.  So we are closer to Penn Yan than we are to Hammondsport.

We go up route 54A into Penn Yan from our place.   There is a neat little farmers market stand along the way called Indian Pines.   We love their pies and their fresh vegetables.  They only see us for about a week every year when we are on vacation.   We drop a lot of coin there though over that week or two long period.   If you are ever around the area, stop by there and get a pie.  You won’t regret it.

Oh wait…here comes the sun…yay!

You can tell that this is a great place to unwind from a busy life when all you do is sit by the lake and wait to see what the weather is going to do.

Today’s lesson of the day for vacationers is to beware.   Throwing pieces of bread to feed the family of Mallard ducks will also attract Seagulls.    A lot of people probably think that Seagulls are beautiful.  We don’t fall into that category.  We consider them to be the equivalent of sky rats.

These scavengers are often found frequenting local McDonald’s parking lots in search of stray french fries.   If it was only one or two of them that showed up, then it would probably be cute.  But, when you see a parking lot full of them destroying cars with their acidic poop, you start to loose your love for them.

I guess they aren’t so bad though.  They do a good job of helping keep the lake that I love so much, so clean.   It really is beautiful here.